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At EnVision Change Consulting, our training sessions range from 1.5 hours to all-day sessions.  All of our sessions provide theoretical foundations of the issues and engage participants through an interactive format.  As experienced trainers, EnVision Change can also combine or create unique workshops to meet your needs. Browse the selection of workshop titles and descriptions below to learn more.

Race and Ethnicity
This session provides theoretical constructs of race in the United States and how different groups built structural relations over time.  Interactive sessions will enable participants to gain deeper understandings of subordinate and dominant relations between groups and individuals.  Facilitators will provide practical strategies in understanding race through a cross cultural lens that is inclusive of all racialized experiences. 

I’m Not a Racist, But…
So we’re not racists (or classists, or sexists…), but what are we? This session focuses on the promises of “diversity” and “inclusion,” and looks at how these words impact our lives. What is our personal role in creating inclusion? Through thought-provoking activities, participants will understand the role of social identity and experience in diversity.

Prevention Starts at Home: Community-Based Sexual Violence Prevention
Approximately 1 in 3 women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime. What if sexual violence isn’t just a problem of a stranger jumping out of the bushes? If you could do something to prevent rape, would you? This workshop explores simple strategies to build communities resistant to sexual violence. Rape is everyone’s problem; come find out how you can be the solution.

Walking Together: The Role of Allies in Social Justice
When we identify unfairness, what is our responsibility to speak up? Can an ally use their privilege with integrity? In this workshop, EnVision Change will help participants in identifying core components of being an ally, while also providing practical experience for interrupting discriminatory comments and practices.

Gay Friendly: Creating Safe Zones
This workshop is designed to help all members within work, campus environments to produce “safe” spaces in order to foster high achieving employees whether one identifies as LGBT or not.  This training fosters increased awareness to develop a healthier and safer community where everyone is engaged in increasing the level of comfort for all and improving communication between LGBT and straight campus members.  

Understanding Gender Identity
In an effort to transform professional environments to become spaces that are more aware of the complexity of gender and gender identity/expression, all members of the community must better understand the diversity of gender characteristics. Moving from the notion of a binary concept to a broader understanding of the nature of the gender spectrum can only occur with the knowledge and skills through (re) training. In this workshop, participants will come to explore the diversity that is gender including how transphobia, sexism and heterosexism contribute to normative assumptions about gender roles and expectations.

Out Classed?: Socioeconomic Status  
Who is the 99%? Who is the 1%? Is providing access to social and economic resources is a fundamental right for all? Participants involved in this workshop will engage in a conversation that discusses terminology, gives voice to the various intersections of identities that further complicate social economic status, discuss the distribution of wealth in the U.S. and learn about creating social and economic equity through awareness, education, advocacy and research. 

I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means: Exploring Ethnicity
What is the difference between race and ethnicity? Does it matter? Lumping various groups who have different cultures and national origins into one of four races has been problematic for some who feel like their own cultural diversity is made to be invisible and unexplained.  This session will allow participants to appreciate the differences and power dynamics that exist within racial groups.

Social Justice
This session allows participants to learn about the definitions of social justice and explore how one can be an advocate for having a socially just society.  The session will learn about the social change model of leadership, and develop skills for engaging in social justice work.

Stranger in a Strange Land: National Origins and "Being American"
“Where are you from?” “Why don’t they speak English?” This session looks at the contributions of immigrants to the United States and what types of discrimination they face in institutional settings.