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EnVision Change can provide your organization with training, research, and strategic planning resources to meet your goals of fairness, inclusion, and access. Click on the links to look at how EnVision Change can help your organization understand demographics, assess your climate, train your staff, and enhance your institution’s diversity plan.

Is your organization a representation of the clients you serve? Are your clients a representation of who you would like to serve? GMW Diversity Associate has advanced expertise in:

Climate and Institutional Change
Understanding the culture of your organization – and how that is experienced by all of your stakeholders – is critical to providing a competitive and equitable workplace. EnVision Change can help your organization create a climate survey to better understand your staff, clients, and other stakeholders experiences – and make recommendations for improvements.

Professional Training
EnVision Change have an array of professional training expertise to help build the multicultural competence of your professional staff. From pedagogical techniques for classroom inclusivity to cross-cultural communication skill building, EnVision Change can work with your organization to develop the training that’s right for you.